Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few Finds in South Pasadena

The summer has flown by and I haven't been spending too much time on my Scottie collection, as I have been throwing clay every weekend since the convention.

I took a brief break this weekend from the fire burning in my backyard (1.5 miles away) and went to South Pasadena (just down the street). I was on the hunt for an antique postcard to use in my advertising for my upcoming events (going to be a busy fall, too.)

Anyway, into the antique store I went and I found a stack of Zito prints taken out of a book. I flipped through knowing that I would find Scotties and sure enough, three. Such an easy sale.




I then proceeded to spend a half an hour looking through a huge box of antique cards from California. I did not find what I was looking for; however, I think it was worth my time as I found this ink blotter mixed into the cards.

Finally, I was checking out and the proprietor mentioned that she had some Scottie pins, if I was interested. There were several to choose from, I left most of them for other collectors and came home with these three in their colorful hats.

It really is amazing how the pointy ears and tails really jump out at you, without even putting too much effort into looking.

The fires have moved away from my neighborhood into the mountains. Still a lot of smoke and ash, but the dogs and I are safe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Scottie Convention 2009 -- Scottie in the Arts

I just returned from the Scottie Convention in Cincinnati. Had a great time visiting with my friends and family.

The Convention began on Wednesday with Room Hoping. Thursday brought the Scottie parade around the hotel led by a bagpiper.

Bagpiper and Gary Moore

After the parade, we had "Show & Tell" followed by lunch and a educational seminar led by artist Constance Coleman. After her informative talk about Scottie in the Arts, she signed autographs and Campbell's Scottish Terriers took pictures.

In the evening, the auction began. There are "no friends at auction"; however, it was a lot of FUN!

Margie Jones won this large plush Scottie bag.
On Friday, there was more shopping at the Sale-a-thon. In the afternoon we learned about ceramic Scotties.
Saturday is the Old Displays. Lori used the theme of the conference to create a Scottie museum diaroma. Wow!

Lori Shurte Old Display

On Saturday afternoon, I lead a Scottie Scrapbooking class. If you'd like to see photos of the scrapbook pages, click here.

Kylie did a great job on her page.
Saturday evening was the formal dinner followed by the Scottie fashion show.

Can't wait for the Scottie Convention 2010!
A very special thanks to the Cincinnati Scotty Friends for organizing all of the convention.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrapbooking at the Scottie Convention

The Scottie Collector's Convention is in Cincinnati, OH, June 24th-27th. The theme this year is "Scotties in the Arts".

Seminars will be given by artist Constance Coleman (don't you want to meet her?) and Marty and Cathy Rose and Bill Harrison about "Pottery to Porcelain with Our Earth Dogs" that will include an extensive display of pottery. Artists Marion Krupp and Nancy Pallan will also be in attendance.

The magnificent old displays on Saturday are not to be missed! There is an auction, a fashion show, a Parade of Scotties and a huge Extravaganza Sale.

We'll have an open forum with questions and answers, a Scottie memories scrapbook page workshop with Heather Morrow and another very exciting, happy event that we can all attend - you have to be registered to find out about this special, special event.

For registration information, email me at clare1121@aol.com or Van Jones at cincinnatiscottyfriends@fuse.net.

Caution: Attending the convention may lead to wild outbreaks of acquisition and lifelong friendships with other Scottie collectors who have addictions to pointy ears and tails.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two "New" Scottie Finds

I got this cute "little" game several weeks ago when Shelly Estes sent a link mentioning that it was available on Amazon. I am pretty sure I got the last one on Amazon; however, you can order it through the manufacturer (http://paizo.com/titanicGames). The game box really is small (5" x 3") as it is expansion pack for their full game Kill Doctor Lucky.

The back of the box describes the game:

"Fury Unleashed! For over ten years, you've tried to kill that simpering old fool, Doctor J. Robert Lucky. Sometimes you succeed, but most of the time you don't find the right weapon, or you find yourself lost inside the old man's mansion, or you notice someone watching and postpone your attempt.

And if that weren't bad enough, Doctor Lucky bought a dog. His name is Shamrock, and he's just as lucky as his master. He also has an annoying habit of making you feel fond of him. And that makes you mad -- mad enough to Kill Doctor Lucky . . . and His Little Dog, Too."

Speaking of Shamrock, just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I found this little MIJ (Made In Japan) in an antique store in South Pasadena.

The Annual Scottie Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio is fast approaching. Can't wait! If you need information on the convention, please do contact me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be careful what you wish for . . .

There has been a lot of chatter in the Scottie world about the new animation release of Coraline. I wasn't paying much attention, but yesterday when there were a set of Coraline alphabet cards up for grab at Curves - I took them thinking I could use them for my Creative Souls workshop.

The packet was sealed and I didn't think to open it until this evening when I saw another comment on a Kathy Edmunds email about how someone had caught a picture of the Scotties in the theatre in one of the scenes (see picture below) in the movie. There are 500 Animated Scotties that fill the Theatre - Wow!

In the movie trailer on the Internet, you can see the Scotties in the theatre -

So I opened the deck of Alphabet cards and low and behold under U - not S there is a Scottie Angel.

It says "U is for Up -- Where Scottie Dogs Fly Anything's Possible in an Otherworld Sky".

Thanks to Kathy Edmunds for keeping me up-to-date via email and Ann Brocklehurst for the additional information on her blog --

In surfing a bit more on the web, I found this video which has a clip of the Angel Scotties on the shelf (towards the end). It is interesting how they did the stop animation.

Another video which shows the Scotties barking and jumping.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A visit with the Larsons

On Saturday, January 19, my Mom (Karen Campbell) and I went out to Chatsworth to visit with long time Scottie Collectors, Phyllis and Harry Larson.

I met the Larsons the first time 8 years ago at my first Scottie Convention. They are a delightful couple who fell into collecting Scottie treasures 30 plus years ago while hunting for old clocks (Harry's passion).

Like many of us, their collecting is not limited to Scotties and my Mom and I really enjoyed learning about their other collectibles, including their cut glass, hand painted porcelain creamers, clocks, and other fabulous flea market finds.

I took over 150 photos of their collections and the link to all of them is at the bottom of the post. I picked out a couple of photos to feature.

The cut glass piece (below) is from "American Brilliant Period" 1880-1920. The Russian Pattern (which it is) is the most difficult to cut and Harry says that the White House has a full set of the pattern. It just sparkles.

This bellman is delivering up a gold Scottie.

The piece below is one of their favorites and a rare find.

This is their Maggie. She usually doesn't like strangers; however, she was on my lap as soon as I sat down for a visit. Guess she knew that I was a fan of hers.

Then we have Penny, their latest rescue. Despite her looks, she is a Scottie at heart. She was very excited to know that I know how to play "Scottie" style.

Phyllis told me the story of this wonderful old leather chair. Apparently she and Harry were coming home from some dressy event, many years ago, and saw someone throwing this chair out. It was filthy, but Phyllis (dressed up), approached the man and asked if he was really throwing it out. He said yes and they loaded it into their car and never looked back. A little saddle soap revealed the beautiful painting on the old leather.

This green porcelain Scottie is one of Harry's favorite pieces.

Phyllis started out collecting the painted porcelain sugars and creamers; however, when they got too expensive she moved onto Scotties. Some of the painted china is "RS Prussia" done in the early 1890's. They have about 8 pieces and the rest are German.

Phyllis is also an artist. I took several photographs of her oil paintings. This one is of one of their early Scotties. Truly a one-of-a-kind collectible.
I failed to get a "good" picture of Harry & Phyllis together; however, here she is telling me how much she loves having "Mr. Lonely" in her Scottie collection, as Harry looks on. "Mr. Lonely" is an animated singing Scottie that was out several years ago and was a gift to them from their good friends Peggy and Gary Moore. The Larsons are standing in the threshold of their Scottie room. You will have to check out my photos (link below). There are an incredible amount of collectibles in just this room alone.

The 2 electric clocks (below) with the Scottie second hands were made by Sangamo Electric in IL in the 1920-30's. The pink is 50 cycle and runs 12 minutes fast every hour. The black one is 60 cycle. CA did not change to 60 cycle until 1946, some other states were 60 cycle earlier than CA. The black one was not running until Harry tapped it. He was as surprised as we were to see it running.
Phyllis cranked up one of their Victrolas. She and I had a good time dancing around to the old music. Phyllis paid $200 for this Victrola back when $200 was a hell of a lot of money. I checked eBay and just the Victrola would be $1800. She got almost all of the records with hers.

Harry (originally from Sweden) and his sister used to call the opera singers on the Victrola the "naked arms voice". He was talking about this while I was goofing around singing an Aria playing on the Victrola.
The "office" was the last stop on the tour. This is where the collections all come together. Harry has a huge collection of German Rolling Eye Scottie Clocks along with bookends and Phyllis Scottie book collection in this room. My Mom recorded a video as we went through the house and you can see the clip of this part of the collection on her blog -- http://scottieearsandtails.blogspot.com.

To check out more of my photos of the Larson's Collections, click

A very special thanks to Phyllis and Harry for letting us spend the afternoon with them and giving us so much information and photos to share.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rose Bowl Flea Market Finds - Jan 11, 2009

Being in Altadena (just above Pasadena), I literally live minutes from the Rose Bowl and have the opportunity to go to the world renowned Rose Bowl Flea Market the second Sunday of every month. Somehow, years pass and I remember that I should go after the Sunday has passed or long before it is going to take place.

However, on Sunday the 11th of January, the stars aligned and I remembered to go. It was a beautiful Southern California day. While everyone else in the country was freezing, I was enjoying the 80+ degree weather.

I did find quite a few Scottie collectibles. My pocket book was not large, so I was able to resist. I found a woman that had some original Bakelite pieces; including one of the Scottie napkin rings at $100. A gentleman who travels as a comedian on a cruise ship had quite a few Scottie pieces; including the ashtray below.

I photographed this ashtray because I had not seen anything like it before. If you tip the front of this Scottie forward onto the lever, he raises his back leg and puts out your guests cigarette with a stream of water.

He was $400. However, several Scottie collectors have him in their collection and say that he is not worth that much. Apparently there is also a Japanese knock-off of the original.

I did spend $30 at the same booth and got the small Scottie pin holder (below).

It was a delightful day hunting for Scotties.