Saturday, July 12, 2008

Garage Sale Find

I don't often go to garage sales, but Altadena seems to have a good number of them with good stuff. So, this morning on my way to run my various Saturday morning errands, I stopped at a few.

I was off to a good start only spending a dollar and getting a bunch of chess pieces for my mixed medium art pieces (see Creative Souls).

I continued on and ended up at one sale where the person had no clue what a garage sale is. She was way overpriced on a bunch of junk and no one was buying anything. I told her that her prices were way out of line and that no one cares who previously owned the piece (e.g., my favorite grandmother). If it means that much to you, you should keep it. At the next sale, I was thanked by those who overheard me tell her off.

I then stumbled across a sale at the Zane Grey estate (it is two blocks from my house - who knew). It is no longer owned by the Grey family; however, the house was apparently sold to the current family with everything in it (in the 70's) - the next generation is now cleaning out the house.

Anyway, it was a lot of junk, people and chaos. However, they did have a collection of dogs for sale. I sorted through and picked out ten - only 9 are pictured. The 10th one is a small dog on a magnet and he was still in the bag (forgotten) when I took the photo.

An instant Scottie collection! The Belleek in back is in pristine condition. I did have to pay a little more for it, but I got the rest of them for $10.

Guess I need to start going to more garage sales.

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