Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recovering from the 2008 Scottie Convention

After almost a week, I think I have recovered from the 2008 Scottie Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was the 25th year of the convention and I must say that we celebrated in style. I've only gone to the past 7; however, there are several people who have attended all 25.

Every year, the convention seems to start earlier and earlier. This year I know many arrived on Monday afternoon. The convention officially starts on Wednesday evening. Shelly (my roommate) and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon to help with Campbell's Scottish Terriers room set-up. Shelly was excited because she was getting her new Wheaton Scottie Puppy (Maxwell). He was coming in from Virginia.

Maxwell was very popular and Shelly is lucky that he didn't end up in my purse on the way back to California.

If you are there on Wednesday, it is all about visiting and shopping. The "vendors" and other rooms are open as people roam and visit.

Shelly brought a cake (see photo) and we had a little social gathering on Tuesday evening and then again on Wednesday afternoon.

After the Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening, we were off and running to shop -- called "Room Hoping." As I was having a Scottie Garage Sale, I had to make a mad dash to Jim Foltz's room to snag a new piece of Bakeolite jewelry (see photo). Luckily he was on my floor, so I was able to then open my door (without missing too many customers).

A "newbie" (a new person to the Scottie Convention) found me and liked the deals I was making on my Scottie stuff. When I say "garage sale," I mean "garage sale." Everything is priced to move from my room to yours.

Thursday morning started bright and early with a Scottie parade. No sleeping through this one as there was a Bagpiper. There were at least 54 Scotties counted in the parade.

We then all gathered for the opening remarks and "Show and Share." There were a wide variety of items shared. My favorite was the artist's proof set of a new Fala book to be released later this year.

My seminar on "Inventorying your Scottie Collection" was after lunch. I will be writing more on the blog regarding this topic, so I'm going to just say that yes, I have updated my inventory with everything I purchased at the convention.

Thursday evening is the auction. There were some really great pieces in the auction this year including several Kirmse prints that went for a lot of $.

Friday was the "Sale-a-thon." It is a big Scottie Swap Meet. I, of course, had my Scottie art work for sale. I also picked up a Salt & Pepper Shaker for my collection.

Friday afternoon we played Bingo. You could have heard a pin drop as everyone listened for the numbers in an effort to win fabulous "Scottie" prizes. My dad gave up early, but my sister played one of his cards and he won the very next round - it was a picture frame challenge.

After a bit of a rest (yeah, right), we gathered again to look at and identify Scottie pieces. I think the hottest discussion was about a metal Scottie pin that had a small "purse" attached. Apparently it was to hold stamps. Several thought it might be for tokens.

Friday evening you are on your own for dinner. We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise. They seated us right next to the live entertainment. He will not be the next American Idol.

Saturday morning is the Old Displays. As usual, there was a lot of creativity and tremendous effort put forth to show and educate others on the Scottie collectibles that are out there. I applaud each and every one of them. I plan on writing separate blog entries for each old display, so I just have one photo (for now). The Pikes put together this wonderful display of blue Scottie glass that really caught my fancy.

In the afternoon, Marion and Fred Krupp did a presentation on Barney and Miss Beazley at the White House. Marion has been commissioned to do many pieces of art work of the First Pets. Despite your political views, these Scotties will win your vote every time.

In the time between the presentation and dinner, we take down the Campbell's Scottish Terriers room. We've almost, after all these years, got it down to a science and have time to change for dinner.

The Scottie fashion show happens after dinner. The costumes and creativity are absolutely wonderful. Then it is time for us to say good-bye.

In addition to visiting with all of my delightful Scottie friends, I got to spend time with my parents (The Campbells) and my sister (Noel) and her daughter (Lleyna).

You can see why I am still recovering, a week later. A special thanks to the Cincinnati Scotty Friends for putting together such a wonderful program.
Hope to see you there next year. Mark your calendar - the convention will be June 24 - 27.


Shelly said...

Sheesh! That pic gives me 3 chins! Yikers! Nice write up of the festivities! Shelly

Jean Snyder said...

Hi Heather,

We wish we had been there! We have the Beleek Scottie from an antique mall. I'm sure we paid more!!

Jean and Steve Snyder

Gibscot said...

Hi Heather,

I'd like to participate in the Scottie Convention...who do I contact? Is there an official website?