Sunday, December 21, 2008

Larry's Museum

For years I have heard about Larry Adams' Scottie Museum in Lewes, Delaware and this Thanksgiving while visiting my parents in their new house is Georgetown, Delaware, I got a chance to see this "Scottie Museum" for myself.

Larry has a lovely home along a water inlet. When we first pulled up, I noticed that the shutters had Scotties on them. Very cute!

I was then greeted by his 4 real Scotties.

As I was taken through the house, Larry talked about the additions he'd made to the original house, built long before any of us were born. The interior was very tastefully done with Scottie collectibles sprinkled here and there. Larry was getting ready for a holiday party, so the trees were up with Scottie decorations.

I was impressed with some of his collectibles, but would I consider this a museum? Hardly.

We climbed up to the Widow's Walk and he has an impressive view of the water way. It was cold (remember, I'm from Southern California), so we quickly headed back down.

I was then asked if I was ready to see the museum. I was confused - wasn't his house the museum?

A door was opened and I walked into the most impressive collection of Scottie collectibles I have ever seen.

The room is above his 3 car garage and is probably bigger than my 1000 square foot house. Every wall had book shelves from floor to ceiling and there has to be hundreds of book-ends, salt & pepper shakers, lamps and books. There are thousands of figurines with very few duplicates (if any).

Larry picked out two of the thousands of collectibles for me to inspect closer. The one Scottie below is a cigarette dispenser from France. The back of the bar opens up. Not sure of the history of the other, but it sure is cute.

To see more pictures of Larry's Scottie Museum, click here and if you are ever in Lewes, Delaware, you must stop by and see if for yourself.

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