Monday, January 19, 2009

Rose Bowl Flea Market Finds - Jan 11, 2009

Being in Altadena (just above Pasadena), I literally live minutes from the Rose Bowl and have the opportunity to go to the world renowned Rose Bowl Flea Market the second Sunday of every month. Somehow, years pass and I remember that I should go after the Sunday has passed or long before it is going to take place.

However, on Sunday the 11th of January, the stars aligned and I remembered to go. It was a beautiful Southern California day. While everyone else in the country was freezing, I was enjoying the 80+ degree weather.

I did find quite a few Scottie collectibles. My pocket book was not large, so I was able to resist. I found a woman that had some original Bakelite pieces; including one of the Scottie napkin rings at $100. A gentleman who travels as a comedian on a cruise ship had quite a few Scottie pieces; including the ashtray below.

I photographed this ashtray because I had not seen anything like it before. If you tip the front of this Scottie forward onto the lever, he raises his back leg and puts out your guests cigarette with a stream of water.

He was $400. However, several Scottie collectors have him in their collection and say that he is not worth that much. Apparently there is also a Japanese knock-off of the original.

I did spend $30 at the same booth and got the small Scottie pin holder (below).

It was a delightful day hunting for Scotties.

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